About Us



The SPHERE is a creative outsource team dedicated to facilitate your production house needs. Our team can aid or completely take on new creative concepts and, if needed, further develop existing ideas. We work with production houses, agencies and corporate clients both large and small. the SPHERE’s team creates outside the box while still working within budget. It is our ability to maximize your concept within limitations that puts our team on a different platform.
Visual Engineers
The SPHERE offers a full line of services from pre to post production for, local and national spots, music videos, infomercials, b-roll packages, movie trailers, promos, TV show productions, EPKs, motion graphic packages, visual effects, animation and post video enhancements. We are proficient in various non-linear editing and post production software packages as well as 3D animation and visual FX integration.
Thought Engineers
The SPHERE is a high concept creative machine. We will aid in adding layers to your idea or script. Further still, our team’s experience in creating concepts for network television can take your project to a higher level. Our writing team is highly skilled in comedy, short and long form scripting, and persuasive advertising scripts. Let our minds work for you.
Sound Engineers
What is a visual production without the proper sound? the SPHERE’s work has been recognized on various networks and shows including MTV. Our sound crew engineers original music for all genres and production types. We can record and provide professional voice over talent for your production needs. From dramatic trailers to corporate jingles and even children’s music, let our music breathe life and emotion into your production.
Feel the freedom to utilize one or all of our services as an extension to your company.
Creative, Thought & Sound Engineers